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About Us

We specialize in writing different types of academic papers. You can order essays, term papers, research papers, lab reports, dissertations, theses, and other pieces of writing from us. When using our writing services, you can get papers written at any academic level such as high school, college, university, MA, and PhD.

Price Quote

If you want to purchase an academic work from us, you can place an order on the respective page of our website. However, if you desire to find out the price for your project prior to placing your order, you can ask our support team for a price quote. Provide the assignment details, and our support agents will calculate the sum of money will need to pay for your piece of writing. Bear in mind that you can ask our support agents for help in case any issues with order placement arise.


If you have any questions about our service or your order(s), feel free to contact our support representatives anytime, as they work around the clock. In order to get answers to your questions, you can use any of the offered communication channels, i.e. live chat, phone number, or email.

Deadlines and Delivery Policy

The deadline options we offer range from 3 hours to 2 months. When placing your order, you can choose the one which you consider the most suitable for your type of assignment. All papers are delivered on time! If you desire to get your academic paper earlier, its cost will be recalculated and you will be supposed to place an additional order.

Ordering Process

Ordering papers from us is very easy. The entire procedure takes a few steps only:

  1. Fill in the order form. Provide explicit instructions as to how to complete your assignment. Indicate a topic, deadline, number of pages, subject, academic level, and other important details. Remember that it is essential to give us all guidelines for your assignment when placing your order. Still, if your paper is in progress and you want to provide additional material, you can do it when no more than 10-15% of the deadline has passed.
  2. Make a payment. Once the payment is received, the writer will start working on your order immediately.
  3. Communicate with the writer. Note that you can communicate with the expert assigned to your order during the writing process.
  4. Download your paper. Once the deadline expires, you can download your work from your online account. At your request, your order can be delivered to the email which you have indicated in the order form. If you want to make sure that your piece of writing is original, you can ask us to send you a free plagiarism report alongside your order.

Our Refunds Policy and How to Request a Refund

  1. Writology Limited offers a wide range of high-quality writing services. While refund requests are rare, there are times when you might need to ask for your money back. If this happens, you have up to 14 days (or 2 weeks) after a deadline expires to submit your request. However, these time restrictions are not applicable if your request is plagiarism-related. Nonetheless, we will ask you to provide concrete evidence that your paper contains plagiarism and that this is the fault of our writer(s).

A note about plagiarism and plagiarism detection: There are some elements of a text that are not considered to be plagiarism. These include direct and correctly formatted quotes, content lists, parts of an essay question or assignment, etc. Therefore, any plagiarism checking system that marks these aspects of a text as plagiarism is not deemed credible, while others are considered reliable. The following are examples of reliable and unreliable plagiarism checking systems:

Turnitin, iThenticate and WriteCheck (considered reliable)

SafeAssign.com (not reliable)

Handwritten notes suggesting plagiarism (not reliable)

  1. Sometimes customers ask us to continue writing papers they started. In these cases, we only check the parts we write for plagiarism. Writology Limited, therefore, is not liable for any plagiarism in the parts written by the customer.
  2. In cases where customers are not 100% satisfied with our work, their concerns will be investigated and reported on in four days or less. In valid cases, the customer’s money will be fully or partly refunded.

How Revisions are Handled

  1. We revise papers at no extra cost for up to 48 hours after a deadline passes. When this time period has expired, you can still request revisions, but we will need a new order by way of payment for the additional work. If a writer at Writology Limited is willing to complete revisions without extra payment, you will not be entitled to apply for a refund on that order at a later date.
  2. We offer free revisions for up to 1 month (a thirty-day period) on orders that are twenty pages or over.
  3. Free revisions are not available where initial instructions change. Additionally, we may ask for a new order where customers fail to attach or upload critical information or materials until work is complete or is underway.
  4. Where revisions are required, the customer should also agree a new timeframe for completion with Writology Limited. Some revisions can take 24 hours to complete, especially where instructions are complex or if an order proves difficult to reassign. However, Writology Limited always does its best to meet revision deadlines.
  5. From time to time, our administrators or writers may send messages to a customer’s email address or account page. Therefore, we highly recommend you keep checking these channels for messages. Additionally, customers sometimes neglect to include or upload information or materials that are crucial for completing an order. It is the customer’s own responsibility, however, to supply all required information and materials when submitting an order or to respond if their assigned writer asks for cooperation.
  6. Another service you can avail of is our extended revisions service. For a fee that equates to just thirty percent of the total cost of an order, this allows you to extend the revision window from a two-day to a fourteen-day period. Revision requirements, however, should not differ significantly from the customer’s initial specification. Note: unused extension fees are not refundable.

Refunding the Full Cost of an Order

Customers may be eligible for a full refund if:

  1. Writology Limited erroneously charges them or they accidentally order the same paper twice. Rogue orders can be cancelled by immediately informing our customer services team.
  2. Writology Limited fails to assign an order.
  3. Where a customer receives a full refund, they should refrain from using any order-related content or materials Writology Limited has already delivered.

Refunding the Partial Cost of an Order

Customers may be eligible for a partial refund if:

  1. They erroneously order the wrong size paper (e.g., ten pages instead of five). Refunds will be calculated according to the amount of words the customer actually requires.
  2. They erroneously order an inappropriate writing level (e.g., a College-level paper instead of High School-level paper).
  3. The instructions provided are in some way mismatched (e.g., if the description contradicts any uploaded materials.
  4. Cancelling of an order:

Percent of Refund

Lapsed deadline time


60% and above lapsed time


50% to 59% lapsed time


40% to 49% lapsed time


30% to 39% lapsed time


20% to 29% lapsed time


10% to 19% lapsed time

Important Note: It will not be possible for customers to cancel orders when we have allocated a writer and there is still thirty percent un-lapsed time left on the deadline clock. Neither is cancellation possible when a paper has already been written and/or has been uploaded.

All tips are non-refundable.

The payment for custom writing/ editing/ proofreading/ rewriting/ formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Late Verification of Orders

  1. It is common practice for Writology Limited’s Finance personnel to ask customers for order verification to prevent Internet-type fraud. Where customers are slow responding, the deadline clock will not start ticking until the necessary confirmation is forthcoming. In these cases, the customer can a) ask for their deadline to be extended or b) place a new compensatory order if their assignment is urgent.

Order Size

  1. Order size is calculated not on visual appearance but on the premise that each page contains 300 words. We do not include technical papers in this way because of their high calculative content, but rather on how complex the assignment is.
  2. Orders for presentational materials – PowerPoint slides and speaker notes. Our writers will provide between 100 words and 150 words of speaker notes for each ppt slide where customers select this option on the order form.
  3. Writology Limited can also help with writing tests. We accommodate both online and multiple-choice style questions with each page made up of 5 questions. Therefore, costs are estimated according to the total number of questions. Put simply, if your test has twenty questions, you should submit an order for four pages.

Meeting Deadlines and Delivering Orders Early

  1. Customers sometimes ask to have orders delivered early. We are happy to do this but Writology Limited will need appropriate compensation, which means you will be asked to submit a new order to reflect the recalculated payment. If a writer at Writology Limited is willing to complete your order earlier without extra payment, you will not be entitled to apply for a refund on that order at a later date.
  2. Although it rarely happens, customers will be offered at least some refund amount if Writology Limited is late delivering their orders. The revised price will mirror the prices published on Writology Limited website.

Types of Services and Orders

  1. When choosing the type of paper or writing service you need, please be sure to make the correct selection. For instance, if you need a ‘Term Paper,’ be careful not to select ‘Book Report.’ Writology Limited cannot consider refunding the cost of an order while payment for that order is still outstanding.
  2. When customers ask Writology Limited to ‘rewrite’ a paper or text, we use paraphrasing or rewording techniques. Additional payments are only requested if a customer wants any elements that constitute ‘fresh’ writing such as new research, new sentences/paragraphs, extra or altered sources, and so on.
  3. Our personnel sometimes try to contact customers. Therefore, we remind you to keep an eye on your email and account page for messages. Prompt responses are always appreciated, especially when our writers are waiting for your approval or input.